Terms And Conditions
Cookies Statement [v1 02/07/2019]


(a) Our website collects your cookies to provide us accurate statistics which are then analyzed to target Marketing. We are using Google Analytics to perform the data-collection.

(b) The start collecting the data upon visiting our website, any section of our website and internal panels contain a Google Analytics.

(c) None of the data collected is to be sold for any third-party company. It is meant to be used internally only, and for Marketing purposes. If you would not like to be tracked, we recommend you to close our website.

Billing Information [v1 02/07/2019]


(a) Invoices are created 14 days before the due date. The customer will be given 2 days extra after the due date to proceed with the payment. Failure to pay with lead to termination of the service. Our company is therefore not liable for any data loss or financial losses by the customer, granting that our company is providing enough notices to inform the customer about the billing status.

(b) We utilize one-time payments and recurring renewals. The customer will be informed and given the option to choose either one-time or recurring billing. It is the customer's responsibility to cancel the recurring renewals shall the customer not be interested in renewing the service. Any failure to cancel a recurring subscription/renewal will not lead to a refund.

(c) Disputes/Chargebacks cause financial losses to our company. Any Dispute/Chargeback raised by the customer will end on a 25€ administrative billed to the customer.

(d) We do not provide a money-back guarantee, therefore, we do not provide refunds, under no circumstances.

(e) We charge VAT for all customers within EU as per the MOSS Agreement, unless a valid VAT number is provided. Customers and companies located in Portugal are charged VAT.

(f) We reserve the right to alter the pricing for any of our services at any given time.

AUP [v1 02/07/2019]


MyW, a division of WNDP - WebNegócio Lda., a company registered in Lisboa, Portugal with the VAT number PT513782540, is not liable for any kind of material that may conflict with the AUP described below. Our servers run automated tools to scan the files uploaded by our clients, however, we do not manually scan the files in order to protect the privacy for our clients. The following conditions apply:

(a) Our WebHosting servers, VPS and Dedicated Servers are meant to host clients websites, where illegal content such as Warez, Torrents, Child Pornography, Casino/Gambling is completely forbidden.

(b) Hacking, SPAM, Anonymous Proxies, Investment Websites, SpamIndexing (Blackhat SEO and related), DDoS Attacks, TOR any related activity is illegal within our network.

(c) Blacklists - While we utilize MailChannels for our WebHosting servers, which filter the SPAM, our VPS and Dedicated Servers may send legit emails. Mass Emailing is NOT tolerated in our network. IP Blacklists may be charged a 25€ fee per IP blacklisted.

(d) Abuse reports may and should be reported to support_at_myw.pt. We will determine the proper action to take, either notifying the customer, or suspending, termination will occur if the customer is clearly with intentions to harm the IP space or pursuing illegal activities.

(e) Our company is NOT responsible for any data loss. We recommend our clients to create period backups for the files.

Legal [v1 02/07/2019]


MyW, a division of WNDP - WebNegócio Lda., a company registered in Lisboa, Portugal with the VAT number PT513782540, abides to the GDPR Policies, mainly:

- Access to customer information shall the client request the data to be exported;

- Ability to migrate the files to another company/provider;

- Request the personal information to be deleted from our systems, where our company will comply and delete the information from the servers (leaving only the invoices in the systems which need to legally be kept for 10 years);